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Writers Digest Judge's Commentary

Wow! Great plot! This is a thriller with a brilliant and original plot. All the way through the writing appeals to all the senses--something some writers forget to do. Jena and Eli make a wonderful and most unusual combination of sleuths. Great descriptions of places most people will never be able to visit--certainly added plus to the story. The supporting cast are original characters too, three-dimensional and well-described.

The dialogue is wonderful--unique to each character, believable and moves the plot along. There's plenty of action to keep the reader turning pages. The book begins with a grabber, moves along at a break-neck pace and comes to a most satisfying conclusion.

No suggestions. the book is terrific from beginning to end. The author needs to promote, promote, promote. White Slave deserves readers. I hope the author will give talks at libraries, service and social clubs. book clubs and book stores. Exploit every avenue for promotion on the internet.

Readers' Favorite Review

Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

White Slave (A Novel) by Wayne Gilbertson is an action adventure story that would appeal to a diverse audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy action stories that take place in Africa and who do not mind the topic of the sex slave trade. In East Africa, law enforcement has become very focused on protecting wild animals from the threat that poachers pose towards their decreasing numbers. Yet, this focus has left young women with less protection and the poachers have moved to take advantage of this oversight through kidnapping and selling beautiful young Caucasian women. Eli Walking Bear is an ex-bounty hunter who is hired by the family of one of the kidnapped young women to find her and bring her home. Is Eli Walking Bear able to do the job or will he fall off the wagon and leave a young woman a victim of the sex trade?

White Slave by Wayne Gilbertson has a cover that hints at the topic of sexual slavery without being perverse. I was initially concerned that I would find the sex trade aspect of the book to be too off putting to truly allow me to enjoy the story. That was not the case here. Wayne Gilbertson managed to show aspects of the sex trade without focusing too much on the graphic sexual aspects of it. I really liked how this book did not just have a male protagonist; instead, Jena and Zuleika end up working with Eli Walking Bear. I enjoyed the inclusion of the female characters as it showed that not all women are victims and not all victims have to stay victims. Overall, I truly enjoyed this book as there was not a single dull moment and the story line moved at a fast pace.

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