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Dana Rishpy


Dana Rishpy (born May 26, 1982) disappeared on March 31, 2007, at a beach party in Tulum, Mexico, a coastal retreat about 100 miles south of Cancun.

Dana, a dual citizen of Israel and Germany, who was then 24, was seen and photographed with an unidentified man at the Mezzanine Hotel in Tulum, Mexico.

On April 7, Her Israeli and German passports, along with close to $1,000 in traveler's checks, her credit card and clothes, were found in her knapsack which was left at the front desk of the motel where she was staying, by someone known only as Mati.


In her diary, the last entry dated March 30, Dana wrote in Hebrew that she had come back to Tulum from the island with two Swiss and an American. The American, who she identified as Mati, offered to share his cabin.

A couple years after Dana disappeared a homeless man came forward claiming to have witnessed the young woman’s murder.

Dana’s case has received a good amount of attention including being featured on America’s Most Wanted

Dana constantly kept in touch with family and friends threw phone calls and the internet. After March, 2007 the phone calls completely stopped and no trace of her has ever been located.

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The FBI and Israeli National Police have since become involved in Dana’s disappearance. They are seeking the public’s help in identifying the man in the photos above. This information could help in locating Dana Rishpy and/or provide new information about her disappearance. The individual is wanted for questioning regarding Dana Rishpy’s disappearance. He is described as a White male with a thin/medium build, and appears to be either North American or possibly Australian although some reports state she was last seen with an American man. Authorities say he is NOT a fugitive from the law and police just want to speak to him for possible information that he might not believe is significant but may yield clues that will locate her.

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